How many times have you heard or said those exact words? How common are demands for information that are always urgent and yet seemingly different than every previous request. Over the years, data has become more plentiful and more complex. Feeds that previously may have consisted of 5-10 different fields may now contain hundreds. Sure, you’ve been meeting all the demands, but why not make it easier? As your data partner, ValueCentric can help. Available for mass use in 2020, two new tools in ValueTrak will help answer the most intricate of data-related questions.

First, we’ve introduced a new streamlined interface for content selection in “Report Builder.” In name and design, we focused on the basics of function, going back to the drawing board, studying user access, work-flow, and “most common” query requests to create our most flexible and intuitive builder yet. Through a linear, logical approach, users can create either a workbook of custom report worksheets or “master reports” to feed into their analysis tool. Single-click selections, easy Excel® exports, and quicker report builds, are all part of the user-focused re-design.

Second, a true Business Intelligence tool for all users has been incorporated in “ValueTrak BI.” You asked for it, we listened. New, powerful features extend far beyond historical capabilities, allowing users the ability to reconstruct their data for more detailed and flexible analysis right in front of their eyes. Features include linked datasets, detailed charting (including geographic maps), custom equations (for measures and dimensions), linked filter worksheets and reports, custom dashboards, and much, much more.

Finally, for those who need to get in-and-out-and-done, we’ve built a new library of QuickView reports. QuickViews, by definition, are dashboard-style views that allow a user to obtain the data they need as simply as with a single click. While the concept of a stock or “canned” report is nothing new, we have not only refreshed our collection to enhance popular legacy views, but also deployed a suite of new offerings that leverage ValueCentric’s many years of experience in working with customers.

Three concerns, three solutions, all in time for your next reporting need.

Of course, it’s easy for us to launch a new product and simply say, “Here you go!” However, we know that for a user, being presented with a new system can be overwhelming. So, again, ValueCentric is your partner. Whether it be VCU content, Campus Connection groups, or one-on-one trainings, your support team is always ready and willing to help you get the most out of your investment in the ValueTrak system.

About ValueCentric

ValueCentric is the leading data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform for healthcare manufacturers and their delivery partners. Its innovative technologies cleanse, normalize, and integrate data to provide a complete picture of the product and patient journey for a variety of manufacturers, including Specialty, Branded, Generic, and Medical Products companies. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak, enables dynamic data sharing to achieve operational efficiencies, improve market access, and optimize the ability to serve patient needs.