If those words spark something inside of you, there is a good chance you work within your corporation’s Regulatory Team and are fluent in terms like, “Suspicious Order Monitoring” and “Due Diligence.” If this resonates with you, ValueCentric and its parent company IQVIA, are prepared to support you and your company with the ever-evolving complexities of Compliance in this area.

As you know, all Manufactures of Controlled Substances and Listed Chemicals are required by US federal and selected state laws and regulations to monitor regulated product’s distribution – and in particular to design and operate a system that detects “suspicious orders.”
In recent years, the definition of what constitutes compliance has expanded, adding new expectations necessitating existing processes to adapt for Manufacturers and Distributors to remain compliant. Just monitoring your direct customer is not always enough, and today’s enforcement environment now indicates manufacturers in many cases need to understand what is occurring at their customer’s customer. This new, expanded enforcement approach drives Manufactures to take more ownership of the overall product supply chain.

We understand that following and understanding these constant changes and their impact on your process can be overwhelming; we can help.

IQVIA US Compliance offers Manufactures a wide range of SOM support from consultative access by industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to a fully integrated SOM “in the Cloud” technology solution, designed solely with the intent to assist Manufacturers in identifying potential risks from orders with unusual size, patterns, or frequency and satisfy your DEA responsibilities.

When incorporating ValueCentric’s services, IQVIA US Compliance can now offer Manufacturers added data insights for critical fulfillment decisions and provide new valuable visibility into your customer’s downstream purchasing activity. This greater offering strengthens your “due diligence” of the customers’ customers and minimizes enforcement compliance risks.

To learn more regarding our suite of offerings and services, please contact: Paul Hamby, Group Director of US Compliance with IQVIA, and Heather Kinney, Director of Customer Success at ValueCentric.

About ValueCentric

ValueCentric is the leading data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform for healthcare manufacturers and their delivery partners. Its innovative technologies cleanse, normalize, and integrate data to provide a complete picture of the product and patient journey for a variety of manufacturers, including Specialty, Branded, Generic, and Medical Products companies. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak, enables dynamic data sharing to achieve operational efficiencies, improve market access, and optimize the ability to serve patient needs.