Specialty Services

Capabilities to effectively manage your specialty product, ensure data quality, and improve patient access. 

ValueTrak analytics empower your organization to track prescriber, patient, and pharmacy trends over time, identifying outliers and improving the patient journey. ValueTrak provides comprehensive performance measurements with timely, accurate, and actionable scorecard reports customized to your specifications.
  • KPI Identification & Contracting
    We keep your staff informed of emerging industry trends and recommend key performance metrics most critical to managing your specialty pharmacies, maximizing product performance, and improving the patient experience.
  • Data Aggregation & Management
    The ValueCentric team tracks data quality metrics to identify potential issues quickly and works with specialty partners to fix discrepancies. Place your trust in us to ensure appropriate data is being reported per your manufacturer/SP contract.
  • Advanced Analytics & Scorecarding
    The ValueTrak platform provides capabilities to measure key metrics such as: Time-to-Fill, MPR, Gap days, Time on Therapy, Persistency, Patients Missing Shipments, Duration of Prior Authorization, and more.