Master Data Management

Cleanse and enrich any external data source to create a unified set of data. One-time or subscription services provide flexibility around your business

Master Data Management is a complex, time consuming, and expensive process. MDM represents a huge investment for a single Medical Device or Pharmaceutical manufacturer — that’s where ValueCentric can help.

Master Data Management Services

Coupled with over a decade of experience, we have the tools and internal resources necessary to maintain location and product masters across all of our customer entities.

  • Cleansing & Standardization
    ValueCentric MDM takes care of data cleansing behind the scenes leaving you with clean, standardized data, on demand. Rectify industry identifiers like HIN, DEA, NPI, 340B, or NCPDP to help normalize your data.
  • Consolidation
    Join duplicate locations into a single ValueTrak consolidated location, improving the accuracy of your reporting. Enhance your customer locations with chain assignment or class of trade, such as “hospital”, “pharmacy”, “government location”, and others.
  • Integration
    ValueCentric MDM ensures that your data is available when you need it, and how you need it. Custom tailor your data to integrate with any data source or ERP/CRM system.