ValueCentric Powers Your Success

A tool that helps organize and analyze your channel data is key – but a platform that understands your business goals and delivers real insights to help you achieve those goals is even better. ValueCentric’s custom solutions help you achieve the results you require at any phase in your product lifecycle.


ValueCentric understands every specialty product is unique, each requiring distribution and service models that align with your specific strategic objectives. ValueTrak analytics empower your organization to track prescriber, patient, and pharmacy trends over time, identifying outliers and improving the patient journey. ValueTrak provides comprehensive performance measurements with timely, accurate, and actionable scorecard reports customized to your specifications.

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KPI Identification & Contracting

We keep your staff informed of emerging industry trends and recommend key performance metrics most critical to managing your specialty pharmacies, maximizing product performance, and improving the patient experience.

Data Aggregation & Management

The ValueCentric team tracks data quality metrics to identify potential issues quickly and works with specialty partners to fix discrepancies. Place your trust in us to ensure appropriate data is being reported per your manufacturer/SP contract.

Advanced Analytics & Scorecarding

The ValueTrak platform provides capabilities to measure key metrics such as: Time-to-Fill, MPR, Gap days, Time on Therapy, Persistency, Patients Missing Shipments, Duration of Prior Authorization, and more.



Executing a successful new product launch sets the tone for market success and longevity. ValueTrak delivers reliable channel data via easy-to-interpret reports that can be shared and leveraged to develop a data-driven launch strategy.

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Plan & Define

ValueTrak PharmacyView services allow you to segment pharmacies to identify the perfect distribution strategy for your product. Armed with this data, formulate stocking goals, refine promotional strategies, and define patient assistance programs to ensure a successful launch.


Monitor product movement to ensure adequate stocking at distribution centers and endpoints. Track sales to all outlets, including those that may have traditionally been blinded. Improve sales force efficiency with store-level data to increase product reach.


Use ValueTrak to report on sales, inventory, and returns by chain, territory, classes of trade, and more. Measure return on pharmacy program investments, track co-pay assistance utilization, and refine promotional programs based on real-time data.


Master Data Management is a complex, time consuming, and expensive process. MDM represents a huge investment for a single Medical Products or Pharmaceutical manufacturer — that’s where ValueCentric can help. Coupled with over a decade of experience, we have the tools and internal resources necessary to maintain location and product masters across all of our customer entities.


Cleansing & Standardization

ValueCentric MDM takes care of data cleansing behind the scenes leaving you with clean, standardized data, on demand.  Rectify industry identifiers like HIN, DEA, NPI, 340B, or NCPDP to help normalize your data.


Join duplicate locations into a single ValueTrak consolidated location, improving the accuracy of your reporting.  Enhance your customer locations with chain assignment or class of trade, such as “hospital”, “pharmacy”, “government location”, and others.


ValueCentric MDM ensures that your data is available when you need it, and how you need it. Custom tailor your data to integrate with any data source or ERP/CRM system.



Accurate financial forecasting can be a challenging task without the right data. Using ValueTrak, gain access to all levels of sales and retail inventory in downstream channels to improve forecasting accuracy, gross-to-net modeling, and revenue projections.



As a medical device manufacturer, you’re aware of the specific locations your national account team sells into today; however, what is more unclear are those locations you are NOT selling into.  ValueCentric’s Target Account Selling tool provides insight into those locations, helping you identify new accounts and revenue opportunities.


ValueCentric provides consulting expertise for dozens of pharmaceutical manufacturers experiencing Loss of Exclusivity events. ValueCentric can help you optimize the management of your product sales & inventory forecasts, and returns reserves as your Loss of Exclusivity approaches.