Distributor Scorecarding

Manage trading partner relationships, monitor compliance, and calculate payments — all in one platform

ValueCentric understands the complex relationship between manufacturers and their wholesalers, and that, in a partnership, it’s necessary to balance quantitative channel metrics against extenuating circumstances. Our interactive scorecarding module empowers users to quantify partner adherence, review automated performance measurements, and make business adjustments and immediate payment approvals.

Additionally, carry-over credits from previous scorecards can be applied to the current scorecard quarter, providing consistency in reporting, an audit trail of credits and payments, and reduction of manual errors.


Review & Approval Workflow

Review automated payment calculations based on industry standard or custom configurated KPIs. Make business adjustments or payment approvals without leaving the scorecard.

Point in Time Metrics

Schedule automatic scorecard updates on custom time intervals – or, run period-to-date reports in preparation for business reviews and sharing with trading partners as needed.

Appreciation Carry-Over

Properly recognize the impact of price increases quarter-over-quarter by retaining credits owed across the product line. Credits are automatically carried-over and applied to the appropriate product in the next period.


No two manufacturers share the same scorecard needs, that’s why our “out-of-the-box” solution is anything but – allowing for hundreds of in-app customizations, or custom development as needed.


Rapidly respond to issues before they impact service levels & relationships

eliminate error
Eliminate complex, error-prone spreadsheets

Generate AMP & best price calculations for government reporting

Create a detailed audit trail of scorecard adjustments

Trend and compare trading partner performance over time

Automatically generate detailed scorecard workbooks to share with customers