Sales & Inventory Reporting (852)

View detailed channel activity (inventory and sales out) at the distribution center level

ValueCentric collects 852 data files on your behalf, providing reporting and analytics on key sales and inventory metrics. The ValueTrak platform optimizes product distribution via automated monitoring of channel activity, complete with customizable reporting, alerts, scorecarding, and dashboards.


Monitor Channel Activity

Configurable reporting and custom alerts based on sales, inventory, and lost sales data. Report by trading partner, distribution center, product, or product group.

Scorecard Distribution Partner Performance

Promote positive product distribution performance and communication with distribution partners through shared awareness of key metrics.

Manage Key Performance Metrics

Analyze and trend key metrics such as days on hand and service levels to mitigate risk of potential stock­outs and minimize returns exposure.

Establish a Strong Channel Data Foundation

Leverage valuable distribution partner data as a core source for analysis in numerous critical business decisions.


Monitor ideal inventory balance at individual distribution centers with exception-based alerts

Drive increased revenue through avoidance of lost sales/omits

Summarize sales and inventory by product, wholesaler/DC, and custom date range

Improve forecasting accuracy by trending product movement in the channel

Obtain complete visibility into all downstream customer sales

Ensure timely, accurate data management and communications normalized according to your business rules