Order Management

Order fulfillment made smarter; integrate orders with channel data for intelligent fulfillment

ValueTrak’s Order Management module streamlines the management of distributor orders by evaluating orders at the line or order level based on key channel metrics. The module automatically holds EDI 850 orders outside user defined thresholds and generates order recommendations for review. Armed with this information, allocating products based on available DC inventories becomes a simple task.


Customer Case Study

Read how two top 10 pharma manufacturers utilize ValueTrak’s Order Management module to streamline their order processes, increasing efficiency levels by 150% and reducing the risk of lost sales and misallocations.

Integrate Channel Data with Orders

Seamlessly integrate orders from your ERP system with your channel data to effectively manage product distribution.

Allocate Available Product According to Need

Leverage ValueTrak channel intelligence to determine the most appropriate recipient of product in limited supply.

Automate Order Fulfillment

Create flexible user­-defined parameters to auto­-analyze orders and hold problematic orders for review, approval, or adjustment.

Comprehensive, Auditable Reporting

Justify order fulfillment decisions with detailed tracking of channel and order activity.


Streamline the order release process, dramatically improving productivity

Reduce order processing errors and tedious data entry tasks

Increase the efficiency of your order management team

Receive recommended order adjustments based on current inventory levels and channel data

Research your order management history; order decisions are supported with complete, timely, and accurate information

Split shipments and allocate product according to need & availability