Detailed Sales Reporting (867)

Track product sales, evaluate trends, and award compensation

ValueCentric collects, processes, and presents your 867 data files, providing sales information between distribution centers and outlet locations for use in business reporting and analytics. The ValueTrak platform helps improve sales and marketing effectiveness with 100% visibility of sales and returns into all classes of trade including retail, hospitals, and clinics.


Comprehensive Sales Reporting

Stay apprised of product sales from distribution centers into outlet locations (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, etc.), develop trends around seasonality and prepare for variations in demand and returns throughout the product lifecycle.

Compensation Reporting

Leverage 867 sales data to assess the effectiveness of your sales force and award performance compensation. Integrate account ownership and/or zip­-to­-territory alignments to measure sales performance and drive increased sales in specific markets.

Master Data Management

ValueCentric consolidates all reported outlet locations, maintains chain assignments and acquisitions, and associates multiple industry identifiers to provide consistent reporting across your end customers. 


Enhanced Services

Market Visibility – access and report on 100% of all downstream customer sales

Class of Trade – report on custom segments of your customers


Assess effectiveness of sales and marketing spend across custom territories and regions

Align sales efforts with integrated zip-to-territory reporting

Improve sales predictability, analyze forecasting efforts, and perform product trending

Gain clear view of cleansed and consolidated sales at the outlet or entity level

Obtain complete visibility into all downstream customer sales

+ Enhanced Service

Gain key product insights into specific customers and classes of trade

+ Enhanced Service