Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance

Product tracing, serialization, and reporting for increased visibility and compliance

In 2013, sweeping new federal regulations were enacted, designed to improve the quality and safety of all drugs dispensed in the United States. Beginning with drug manufacturers in 2015, all prescription pharmaceuticals must have a proven pedigree of origin to enter the US supply chain. As the staged-implementation of the law progresses, additional checkpoints are to be imposed to track products through the distribution channel, finally extending all the way to drug distribution to the patient in 2023.

ValueCentric’s Role

Since its inception, ValueTrak has played a vital role in tracking the movement of pharmaceuticals. As supply chain security obligations have evolved, most recently with the DSCSA legislation, customers and their distribution partners have relied on ValueTrak to support their evolving data requirements, far in advance of the deadlines for each phase of the law’s implementation.


DSCSA Compliance

Satisfy regulatory obligations and maintain a central repository for shared compliance with trading partners.

Granular Product Reporting

Leverage added visibility of on hand product aging to better manage inventory and support recalls, potentially saving millions.

Secure Channel Alerts

Receive notifications of invalid product in the channel and suspicious product movement activity.

Demand/Returns Projections

Better predict product demand and forecast returns to control costs and manage financial projections.