GPO Admin Fee Reporting

Accurate and reliable maintenance of GPO membership fees

ValueCentric manages GPO contracts eligibility on your behalf in a fraction of the time. Our experienced staff cleanses & cross-references your GPO membership lists lessening the burden on your internal teams. ValueCentric provides GPO admin fee reporting based on reported sales volumes and contract utilization (your relationship/pricing) for submissions to GPOs.


Management of GPO Membership Lists

ValueCentric manages GPO contract eligibility on your behalf – saving time and manual efforts.

Cleansing & Cross-Referencing

We cross-reference incoming distributor data against GPO rosters for eligibility — including auto-matching and manual review for verification.

Admin Fee Reporting

GPO administrative fee reports based on reported sales tracings data and contract utilization (including your tier pricing) are automatically generated for submission to GPOs.

Customized Report Output

ValueCentric understands each GPO requires unique formating for admin fee reporting. Incorporate elements from inbound sales data along with your GPO membership rosters displayed in the preferred format.


Eliminate the pain of managing various membership lists and on-going cross-referencing work

Gain confidence that accurate and timely fees are being paid to your GPO partners

Reduce on-going manual labor with automated cross-referencing of various GPO membership lists

Customized report output ensures compliance with GPO Admin Fee reporting requirements