Market Visibility

View highly accurate end customer sales estimates when actual data is not available

ValueCentric’s Market Visibility (MV) module provides a complete view of end customer activity by reporting weekly estimated store level sales when actual data is not available. Our comprehensive data assets, proprietary methodology, and our ability to validate results using actual pharmacy data make ValueCentric’s Market Visibility module the best in the industry.

ValueTrak’s class of trade module illustrates the impact of blinded data on your sales estimates at retail locations; MV provides insight into this traditionally blinded data.

Compare and trend highly accurate sales estimates at top retail chains that are otherwise blinded.

  • Monitor Product Availability
    Inform your sales team of stores carrying your product vs those that are not carrying your product.
  • End to End Channel Visibility
    Highly accurate estimates of store-level sales when actual data is not available.

Key Business Benefits

Sales Outlets

Gain a complete view of sales into outlets including those traditionally blinded

Data Accuracy

Highest data accuracy available, validated with actual pharmacy data

Sales Estimates

Optimize stocking strategies with high fidelity sales estimates

Product Strategy

Strengthen launch planning and stocking strategies