Contract Analytics


Flexible analytics to evaluate financial implications of contract activity

ValueTrak’s Contract Analytics module allows for rapid analysis of contract trends to achieve a holistic view of product performance aggregated at any level. Integrate your chargeback activity (EDI 849) with 852 & 867 data for a complete picture of contract performance, including assessment of 340B program exposure.

For in depth contract analysis including audit capabilities to detect and prevent revenue leakage, check out our Chargeback & Reversal Validation module.

340B Trending

Assess 340B Chargebacks against Total Chargebacks for an accurate picture of exposure. Drill-in to view details at the entity level.

Chargeback Trending

Compare Chargebacks to 867 Sales for a complete assessment of contract performance.

  • Analyze Contract Trends
    Access a holistic view of contract performance by product or NDC, drill into detailed activity for critical contracts by contract name or number.
  • Measure 340B Program Exposure
    Gain intelligence about previously-unknown program exposure and identify suspicious activity at entities who may not be complying with their 340B eligibility.

Key Business Benefits

Identify Exposure

Identify 340B program exposure at any level of aggregation

Trend Contract Activity

Trend and analyze detailed contract activity and performance

Financial Reporting

Factor chargeback trends into financial reporting for optimal product performance

Integrate with 852 & 867 Data

Integrate contracts with 852 & 867 data for a single consolidation of business performance