Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Audit chargeback and reversal claims to prevent potential revenue leakage

ValueTrak’s Chargeback & Reversal Validation module identifies potential revenue leakage from commercial and 340B contracts through automated reconciliation of chargebacks and reversals (EDI 844) against sales and returns data (EDI 867). The module complements any Contract Management System by highlighting discrepancies between the two data sets.

For chargeback analysis without the revenue leakage component, check out our Contract Analytics module.


Chargeback & Reversal

Prevent Potential Revenue Leakage and Improve Profitability



Chargebacks Cycle e1567175436657 - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation
  • Determine Chargeback & Reversal Validity

    Audit chargebacks and recover revenue lost in the reversal process. Reconcile 867 sales/returns data against 844/849 chargebacks and reversals to validate payments and minimize revenue leakage.

  • Research Activity at 340B Entities and Pharmacies

    Identify 340B transactions to pinpoint and monitor suspicious activity at entities who may not be complying with their 340B eligibility.

Key Business Benefits

revenue - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Minimize Revenue Leakage

Minimize potential leakage and unwarranted overpayments due to chargeback inaccuracies


identify - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Identify Overpayments

Identify candidate overpayments possessing the greatest revenue opportunities



inaccuracies - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Pinpoint Issues

Pinpoint chargeback/reversal issues quickly without expensive tactical administrative efforts



administrative - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Reduce Manual Processes

Reduce manual processes with automated management of 340B program participants

reconcile - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Reconcile Data

Reconcile chargebacks with associated sales & returns to determine validity


reinforce - Chargeback, Reversal, & 340B Validation

Reinforce Contract Validity

Reinforce the investment in your Contract Management System by ensuring chargeback and reversal validity