Advanced Service Level Monitoring

Proactively monitor service levels and leverage one-click research to identify and repair problem areas

20% of products are responsible for 80% of lost sales. A small number of products experiencing lost sales can dramatically impact overall service levels. The Advanced Service Level Monitoring module provides a one-click research tool for identifying and treating chronic, repetitive instances of lost sales, and tools to investigate root causes. Empowered with this data, users can have a meaningful discussion with their distributors, addressing inconsistencies in service levels.

Advanced Service Level

Report and compare service levels for all of your trading partners over a defined time period to ensure optimal performance across your business.

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Service Level Research

View your complete inventory status over a custom time period, in one simple report. Identify issues and drill into details to determine proper corrective action.

  • Triage Lost Sales Products    The tool displays data with custom heat-mapping to identify at-a-glance problem areas in rank order based upon severity.
  • One-Click Research & Analysis
    Drill into instances of lost sales; discover historical patterns and trends explaining the contributing factors of repetitive service level issues.
  • Minimize Lost Sales
    Collaboratively work with your customers to optimize inventory reordering parameters — identify when automated ordering algorithms are out of sync with shifts in market demand.

Key Business Benefits

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Rapid Response

Rapidly respond to service level issues


collaborate - Advanced Service Level Monitoring


Maximize revenue by collaboratively working with customers to reduce lost sales


defend - Advanced Service Level Monitoring

Monitor Patients

Monitor & defend against patients switching to competitor’s brands

compliance - Advanced Service Level Monitoring


Ensure customer contract compliance and payment