Sales Tracing & Commission Reporting

Trace and analyze end-location sales to substantiate commissions and maximize the effectiveness of your sales force

ValueCentric’s ValueTrak platform empowers you to stay apprised of product sales to end customers and monitor demand trends. Integrate Sales Tracing data with your sales territories to ensure accurate sales compensation with commission reporting. Timely and accurate data processing allows for better decision making to improve sales efforts, marketing initiatives, and financial planning.

District Comparison

Monitor product sales to maximize the effectiveness of your sales force and to ensure accurate sales compensation. Report on custom regions and/or granular sales territories.

Product Comparison

Compare sales across your product portfolio for all distributor trading partners.

  • Comprehensive Sales Tracing
    ValueCentric collects sales tracings and rebate & chargeback data from your distributor trading partners for aggregation, normalization, and validation. Stay apprised of product sales into end-user outlet locations (hospitals, clinics, etc.)
  • Sales Force Compensation Reporting
    Pay accurate and timely sales commissions to your field force, rebates to your distributor trading partners, and admin fees to your GPO partners.
  • Integrate to Internal Systems
    Easily integrate ValueTrak with any internal ERP/CRM system that you’re using today. Leverage the sales data to assess the effectiveness of your sales force and award compensation by integrating your customer territory alignments.
  • Marketing & Financial Planning
    ValueTrak’s web-based platform offers a unified view of your business and provides a consistent data model across all key organizational departments. Comprehensive sales statistics validate marketing lift and return on investment.

Key Business Benefits

Automated Reporting

Automate timely and accurate deliverables for sales compensation reporting

Save Time

Save valuable time on data collection, cleansing, consolidation, and analysis

Identify Sales Opportunities

Identify potential sales opportunities with visibility into what customers are buying

Territories & Regions

Assess effectiveness of sales and marketing spend across custom territories and regions

Zip-to-Territory Reporting

Align sales efforts with zip-to-territory reporting, providing visibility into performance by nation, region, territory, facility, and distributor

Identify Sales Trends

Identify sales trends by facility, product, and distributor