Rebate/Chargeback Validation

Review & validate rebate claims – ending unnecessary revenue leakage and reducing high administrative costs

Rebate/Chargeback claims are electronically validated using ValueCentric’s proprietary system, ValueTrak. Using a 14-step validation process, we ensure accurate and complete validation; our automated platform accepts, denies or overrides each claim according to your established business rules.

Rebate Claims

Review rebate claims for potential denials or resubmissions.

  • Review & Validate Rebate Claims
    Compare distributors’ contract pricing and UOMs to manufacturer’s data ensuring validity of transactions and accurate reimbursements.
  • Manage Transaction Exceptions
    Allow/deny transactions by distributor trading partners based on key information, including your business rules and master data. Exceptions include: invalid contract number, member not qualified, price variances, invalid dates, etc.
  • Streamline Rebate Processing
    Maximize the effectiveness of internal administrative resources, eliminating tedious manual reviews of rebate & chargeback claims.
  • Interface with Distributors
    Provide clear, timely reporting to distributors to expedite the rebate claim/payment process.

Key Business Benefits

Streamline Processing

Maximize the effectiveness of internal administrative resources by streamlining rebate processing

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Reduce potential leakage and unwarranted overpayments due to chargeback inaccuracies

Historical Backup

Access a complete historical backup of all claims data for future audits


Accurate Denial Reports

Generate concise, accurate denial reports for distributors for any rebate claims that should be denied or require research for resolving discrepancies

Consistent Real-Time Data

Avoid unnecessary penalties and missed deadlines, utilizing manual processes and disparate systems, and save 5%+ in unnecessary revenue leakage with consistent real-time data

Auto-Generated Rules

Apply auto-generated business rules to allow acceptable exceptions to continue to flow through for payment and the invalid rebate claims to be denied