ValueCentric’s pipeline inventory management solution can help!


Consider your Wholesale Inventory versus Total Rx demand over time.

Our inventory projection calculations provide complete visibility into your brand’s downstream pipeline inventory.


Where should you assume your downstream Days on Hand (DOH) inventory lies?

Pipeline Inventory chart low with labels - ARE YOUR INVENTORY PROJECTIONS MISLEADING YOU?

Conservative accrual position could
lead to excessive inventory estimates
and an understatement of sales.

Pipeline Inventory chart Middle DOH with label - ARE YOUR INVENTORY PROJECTIONS MISLEADING YOU?

The chart above represents normal
inventory levels, showing how DOH may be
less impactful to accruals.

Pipeline Inventory chart low DOH with labels - ARE YOUR INVENTORY PROJECTIONS MISLEADING YOU?

An under estimate of inventory can have
significant impact to under-accruing liabilities. Returns and under-projections of accruals can lead to future material adjustments.


Are your sales and accrued liabilities accounted for accurately?



Want to take a closer look at your downstream inventory projections?

Downstream shipments chart e1575902721599 1024x158 - ARE YOUR INVENTORY PROJECTIONS MISLEADING YOU?

Inventory Projection Challenges 
  • Under or over-accruing due to inaccurate pipeline inventory estimates
  • Syndicated Rx data, missing channels, customers, buy and bill agents
  • Large margin of error with commonly used pipeline calculations
ValueCentric Pipeline Inventory Solution 
  • Complete view of all channel activity and ending inventory levels
  • Higher quality forecasts with access to accurate pipeline inventory projections
  • Robust methodology reviewed and accepted by top audit firms
  • Accurate data utilizes ValueCentric Market Visibility sales data and accounts for complete product demand for your brand

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