OneKey, integrated with tracings and rebates data uncovers cost savings and new sales opportunities.


A large medical device manufacturer with a diverse product portfolio went through a series of acquisitions in a short period of time, rapidly expanding its product line and customer base. The acquisitions resulted in merging customer master data, causing a variety of reporting issues including; stale customer information, and a lack of visibility into the overall activity at large accounts  such as major health systems. Due to inaccurate and disparate data, the sales team struggled to manage key facilities and suspected that their existing contracts put them at a disadvantage.


To move the business forward, the manufacturer leveraged ValueCentric & IQVIA services. Together we created a clean, concise, up to date customer master, with access to OneKey attributes for new customer targeting and segmentation. This included aligning rebates and tracing data to OneKey IDs with visibility to all associated attributes in ValueTrak. ValueTrak allowed for the creation   of actionable sales insights through visualizations, including tracings and targeting dashboards and reports. Most importantly, the manufacturer gained visibility into sales penetration at top IDNs, GPOs, health systems, and other facilities. The ValueTrak cloud-based platform allowed the manufacturer to extend visibility, aligning business strategies, and sales operations for near real-time access to actionable intelligence.


By bringing the rich assets of OneKey and ValueTrak together, the manufacturer was able to better align their strategy, decreasing cost while increasing opportunities. The automation provided in ValueTrak improved customer visibility while saving time and labor costs. The manufacturer was no longer trying to develop accurate reports with limited details from various systems. The availability of OneKey attributes in ValueTrak, allowed sales operations to generate reports that measured sales force effectiveness. This critical intelligence substantiated re-allocation of field resources to focus on growing sales dollars by targeting the right accounts and opportunities. In addition, visibility into GPO contracting at significant healthcare organizations shed light on competitive disadvantages resulting from existing contracting strategies and customer buying behaviors. The combined data provided accurate penetration metrics, along with contract rebating strategies that generated quantifiable measurements, and reliable ROI.

About ValueCentric

ValueCentric is the leading data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform for healthcare manufacturers and their delivery partners. Its innovative technologies cleanse, normalize, and integrate data to provide a complete picture of the product and patient journey for a variety of manufacturers, including Specialty, Branded, Generic, and Medical Products companies. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak, enables dynamic data sharing to achieve operational efficiencies, improve market access, and optimize the ability to serve patient needs.