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PharmacyView Case Study - Resources


Explore how XenoPort used ValueCentric services to successfully relaunch an under-performing product. Using ValueCentric’s PharmacyView services, the XenoPort team was able to focus sales efforts on high-impact pharmacies, resulting in a one-third reduction of both Rx abandonments and pharmacy switches.

OrderManagement Case Study e1566845645289 - Resources

Order Management

Read how two top 10 pharma manufacturers utilize ValueTrak Order Management module to streamline their order processes, increasing efficiency levels by 150% and reducing the risk of lost sales and misallocations.

Upsher Smith NPL Case Study 1 - Resources

New Product Launch

Learn how Upsher-Smith utilized ValueCentric launch services to aid in a successful new product launch. ValueCentric’s Market Visibility module played an integral role in developing a marketing strategy based on pharmacy activity and performance.

Field Sales Case Study - Resources

Field Sales Optimization

Read how ValueTrak SalesProfessional was critical to a large generic manufacturer’s success in identifying top prospects in the field. The company implemented the solution to provide their sales team with mobile access to channel performance.


MDM EBook e1566865538445 - Resources

MDM eBook: Leaving the Spreadsheet Behind

Learn how medical product manufacturers are driving sales and improving business practices by outsourcing Master Data Management.

valuecentric guides specialty product launches - Resources

Specialty Product Launches: Utilizing Data To Assess And Optimize The Patient Journey

Learn what questions you and your team need to ask before launch to ensure data completeness and accuracy.

valuecentric guides 5 order management pitfalls - Resources

5 Order Management Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Don’t SUFFER through your ORDER MANAGEMENT PROCESS any longer… Download our guide to learn common order fulfillment pains, and solutions to avoid them.

valuecentric guides medsurge by the numbers - Resources

MedSurg by the Numbers: The Need for Data Analytics

Ready to save time, preserve revenue and improve operations? In this engaging animated infographic, ValueCentric explores a few sales and distribution issues related to the Medical-Surgical manufacturing industry.

valuecentric guides 8 costly pitfalls for new product launches - Resources

8 Costly Pitfalls for New Product Launches and How to Avoid Them

A company’s financial success correlates with a successful product launch. According to Corante’s “In The Pipeline”, top pharmaceutical companies allocate 25-30% of sales revenues to their marketing budget.

White Papers

BigData White Paper - Resources

Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and Abnormal Purchasing Patterns in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Big Data and Predictive Analytics dominate discussion in today’s supply chain media, but a great deal of ambiguity exists as to their definition and relevancy to the pharmaceutical industry. We explore the meaning of these phrases, their place in the industry, and detail one manufacturer’s foray into this space.

AI ML Whitepaper - Resources

AI & ML: From Proof of Concept to Production

Learn how ValueCentric is utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; from proof of concept to production.


John Giannouris, vice president, Specialty Pharmacy Services, ValueCentric, answers your frequently asked questions.

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Aligning OneKey to Tracings with ValueCentric

OneKey, integrated with tracings and rebates data uncovers cost savings and new sales opportunities

AI & ML: From Proof of Concept to Production

Learn how ValueCentric is utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; from proof of concept to production.