April 26, 2017

HDA to Launch “Origin” Product Data Source in July

GTIN repository and verification service designed to facilitate DSCSA compliance will be previewed in an April 28 webinar

Arlington, Va., April 26, 2017 – The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), in collaboration with ValueCentric, LLC, will provide an update on the development of its GTIN repository service, “Origin: HDA’s Product Data Source,” through a complimentary webinar to be held on Friday, April 28 from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (Eastern). Origin will be an easy-to-use central data repository designed to ensure the efficient and accurate exchange of pharmaceutical product master data between manufacturers and their supply chain partners as required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

“The traceability system mandated by the DSCSA will require a massive amount of frequent and accurate data exchange. GTINs must be up to date and correct to ensure the accuracy of master data,” said Perry Fri, Executive Vice President of Industry Relations, Education and Membership, HDA. “We are excited to introduce the industry to Origin — which will provide a much-needed, central, uniform method for manufacturers to share product master data with multiple, direct and indirect trading partners to ensure this consistency — and committed to help its users every step of the way.”

The name “Origin” was selected for HDA’s data repository because the product is designed to be the fixed starting point of reference for all verified GTIN information. It will house primary information populated directly from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Origin will provide the base for critical data that the pharmaceutical supply chain must reference for DSCSA compliance.

With the product’s commercial launch targeted for this July, the webinar, led by HDA’s Perry Fri and ValueCentric’s Bill Henderson will help participants to understand:

  • The critical role of GTINs within the DSCSA;
  • How to register and format GTINs;
  • The benefits of a central master data repository to manufacturers, distributors and other stakeholders;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions; and,
  • Next steps and the Origin launch plan.

Product specifications during the creation and testing of Origin are being overseen by a committee appointed from the HDA’s representative member community, representing both large and mid-size wholesalers and drug manufacturers. Companies who are interested in being included in the continued development of Origin have the opportunity to participate in the beta testing of the product. Those who are interested in learning more about the product or would like indicate their interest in beta testing can do so through the product website.

Bill Henderson, Executive Vice President, Commercial Development, ValueCentric, LLC, notes, “For 15 years, ValueCentric has been a proud collaborative partner that the pharmaceutical supply chain has relied upon for our expertise in secure data management, analytics, and reporting. We are pleased to have been a critical part in creating a user-friendly, industry-wide solution for accurate data exchange and verification throughout the supply chain.”

To register for the complimentary webinar, visit HDA’s website.

About ValueCentric

ValueCentric is the leader in channel data management and analytic solutions for the healthcare industry. Its mission is to help customers leverage their channel data to improve business decisions, reduce costs, and increase the speed in which products reach patients in need. Pharmaceutical, specialty pharma, and medical product companies including marquee customers AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk trust their platform, ValueTrak. ValueTrak provides trade, finance, managed markets, regulatory and sales teams with a flexible and powerful platform to improve business relationships, manage orders, and integrate key pharmacy and channel data to make more informed product decisions. ValueCentric continues to be a pioneer in the pharmaceutical, specialty, and medical products industries investing in big data solutions and improving how all parties can use data including DSCSA related data streams to optimally manage their product performance in the channel.

About the Healthcare Distribution Alliance

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) represents primary pharmaceutical distributors — the vital link between the nation’s pharmaceutical manufacturers and more than 200,000 pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and others nationwide. Since 1876, HDA has helped members navigate regulations and innovations to get the right medicines to the right patients at the right time, safely and efficiently. The HDA Research Foundation, HDA’s non-profit charitable foundation, serves the healthcare industry by providing research and education focused on priority healthcare supply chain issues. For more information, visit www.hda.org.