April 16, 2018

ValueCentric Launches Specialty Patient Journey Reporting for Field Sales Teams

ValueCentric, innovators in specialty product and patient analytics, today announced the launch of Patient Journey Field Sales Reporting. The service brings their industry leading patient analytics to the hands of field sales representatives for improved visibility and speed of access to patient journey data. ValueCentric’s platform, ValueTrak, provides specialty data aggregation, monitoring, patient analytics, and specialty pharmacy scorecarding to market access and patient care groups at leading Specialty manufacturers. The field sales innovation provides the same de-identified patient data to field sales teams to ensure proper monitoring of patient activities to help speed time to therapy.


December 20, 2017

ValueCentric Supports Launch of 10 Specialty Products in 2017

ValueCentric, innovators in product and patient analytics, today celebrates a milestone in their delivery of Specialty Data aggregation, analytics, reporting, and consulting services to the industry. In the past twelve months, the company has been selected to deliver its Specialty Data Services for 10 new product launches. For all customers, ValueCentric is delivering pre-launch consulting, and those clients with launched products are utilizing the ValueTrak platform to monitor the patient journey on a daily basis and maximize patient utilization. The growth is driven by innovations in their analytics platform coupled with the consultative services offered pre-launch to help develop data agreements and contract strategies.


December 11, 2017

Selecting a Specialty Data Aggregator: Best Practices – By John Giannouris

Originally posted in November 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Times Industry Guide: The Specialty Pharmacy marketplace has experienced exponential growth in just a few short years. As the market continues to mature, so, too, do the service and data visibility options available to manufacturers. Many companies boutique services for data aggregation, but require manufacturers to find alternate services for channel data management (shipments, sale out, etc), or necessitate complex integration with a third-party reporting platform. In your search for a data provider, look for one able to handle both channel and patient data for a complete, longitudinal view of the product and patient journey.


November 27, 2017

BLOG POST by Cameron Hall, Vice President of Products for ValueCentric:

Want Improved Trading Partner Relationships? Look to the Data

When I arrived at ValueCentric in 2006, it was a simpler time. Everyone carried a BlackBerry, Facebook was still just for college kids, and data analysis was for nerds. While I’m sure there’s plenty of data to explain the rise of Facebook and fall of Blackberry, my focus here is to present how data has shaped advancements in the pharma value chain. Supply chain data has always been useful as a means for manufacturers to hold wholesalers to account with the distribution services they provide. Traditionally the data was kept in a corner, its value rarely explored outside of the niche fee for service use case – but times have changed.


November 13, 2017

ValueCentric Announces Appointment of Chief Information Officer

ValueCentric, innovators in product and patient analytics, today announced the appointment of Judy Feldman to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO). In her role, Feldman will lead the company’s technology strategy, including supporting the growth and expansion of its technical capabilities and infrastructure. Feldman will guide ValueCentric’s technology agenda, driving innovation and ensuring high quality, high responsive data intelligence solutions for the company’s diverse customer base.


August 21, 2017

ValueCentric Celebrates 15 Years of Service to the Industry

ValueCentric, innovators in product and patient analytics, today celebrates its fifteenth year in business. The company, founded in 2002 by Chief Executive Officer, Dave Janca, provides an industry leading data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform for healthcare manufacturers and their delivery partners.


July 31, 2017

HDA “Origin” Repository Officially Launches

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), in collaboration with ValueCentric, LLC, today announce the official launch of Origin: HDA’s Product Data Source. Origin is a high-powered, central data repository hosting verified Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) information. The service enables the secure, accurate and efficient exchange of pharmaceutical product master data between manufacturers and their supply chain partners to help comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).


June 12, 2017

ValueCentric Announces Enhancements to their Chargeback Reporting Suite Allowing for Rapid Analysis of 340B Program Trends

ValueCentric, LLC the industry leader in healthcare channel intelligence, announced the expansion of their Chargeback Reporting Suite, enhancing the ability to analyze activity at contracted 340B locations. The enhanced reporting allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to monitor 340B program trends over time, and identify potential revenue leakage from the program with comprehensive analysis of their sales, returns, and chargeback activity.


April 27, 2017

ValueCentric Promotes Enhanced Specialty Solutions at Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

ValueCentric, the leader in healthcare channel intelligence, returns to the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit April 30th – May 3rd in Las Vegas, NV for the 5th consecutive year. With the flexibility of their platform, ValueCentric is providing a fast-growing list of manufacturer customers with a breadth of services tailored to the unique needs of individual specialty products. At the conference, the company will feature a robust suite of enhanced services introduced over the past year, including specialty data monitoring, patient analytics, specialty pharmacy scorecarding and their recently announced de-identification solution made available through collaboration with Universal Patient Key (UPK), a premier HIPAA compliant de-identification solution provider.


April 26, 2017

HDA to Launch “Origin” Product Data Source in July

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), in collaboration with ValueCentric, LLC, will provide an update on the development of its GTIN repository service, “Origin: HDA’s Product Data Source,” through a complimentary webinar to be held on Friday, April 28 from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (Eastern). Origin will be an easy-to-use central data repository designed to ensure the efficient and accurate exchange of pharmaceutical product master data between manufacturers and their supply chain partners as required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).


February 27, 2017

ValueCentric Launches ValueTrak QuickView Reports for Rapid Analysis of Channel and Specialty Data

ValueCentric, the industry leader in healthcare channel intelligence, announces the expansion of their reporting and analytics platform, ValueTrak. The latest upgrade includes a suite of one-click, QuickView reports providing users with a holistic view of their data and patient journey in an intuitive interface. The reports provide high level insights into performance measures and serve as the ideal complement to the company’s robust Data Visualization builder for users who wish to dive into the granular details of their data.


December 19, 2016

HDA Announces Partnership with ValueCentric for Industry-Wide GTIN Repository

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) today announced a new, long-term partnership with ValueCentric, LLC, to create a GTIN Repository Service designed to help ensure the efficient introduction of a GTIN coding system and ease its adoption across the pharmaceutical supply chain. The impetus for the new service, which will be launched in 2017, was the enactment of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The DSCSA is being implemented through a phased approach, begun in 2013, for tracing product movement in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The DSCSA’s staged milestones culminate in November 2023, when all packaged product will be serialized and traced from the manufacturer to the patient.


December 6, 2016

ValueCentric Announces Collaboration with Universal Patient Key (UPK) to Enhance Specialty Data De-Identification Capabilities

ValueCentric, a leading provider of data management and analytic solutions to the healthcare industry, today announced a collaboration with Universal Patient Key (UPK), a premier HIPAA compliant de-identification solution provider. As part of the collaboration, ValueCentric has licensed and installed UPK’s software on its internal systems, providing customers with one integrated solution for de-identification of Protected Health Information (PHI). With this partnership, ValueCentric strengthens their position as the industry’s first true end-to-end specialty channel management platform, delivering data and KPI metrics from product shipment and distribution down to the individual patient, all within a single platform.


November 14, 2016

Inventory Data Drives Channel Innovation for Leading Medical Product Manufacturers

ValueCentric, a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions to the healthcare industry, has addressed a long existing gap among Medical Products manufacturers in the utilization of accurate and timely distributor inventory data. Responding to a growing trend towards inventory transparency between Medical Products manufacturers and their trading partners, ValueCentric introduced its data management and analytics platform “ValueTrak” to provide a range of capabilities for manufacturers to access, manage, and gain substantial business benefit from channel inventory data.


September 28, 2016

ValueCentric Names Industry Veteran Mark Polidoro as Director of Consulting Services

ValueCentric, the industry leader in healthcare channel intelligence, today announced that Mark Polidoro has joined its management team as Director, Consulting Services. An industry veteran of 25 years, Mark is a long time user of ValueCentric’s Platform, ValueTrak. In his role with the company he will direct and build out ValueCentric’s professional services organization and work closely with customers to improve their business benefit from ValueCentric products and services. Polidoro has extensive prior experience implementing and developing complex data management and analytics solutions at a number of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers.


July 26, 2016

ValueCentric Company Update – Letter from Dave Janca

Dear Valued Customer,
I hope you are enjoying a safe and happy summer with friends and family. As we begin the second half of 2016, I’d like to share some of ValueCentric’s initiatives and accomplishments thus far in 2016. From a product perspective, we’ve been working on a refreshed user interface (UI) for the ValueTrak platform to be unveiled in an upcoming summer release. The new UI promises to be more intuitive than ever, provide an enhanced suite of standard reports, and make Data Visualization more flexible for novice and advanced users alike.


June 13, 2016

ValueTrak 8.0 Release Re-Imagines Fee-For-Service Scorecarding with New Data Quality Metrics and Robust Customization Capabilities

ValueCentric, the industry leader in healthcare channel intelligence, announced enhancements to their Scorecard capabilities as part of ValueTrak 8.0 software release. Improvements include advanced Specialty and Channel Data Management metrics, integrating data completeness, timeliness, and accuracy monitoring with traditional Fee-For-Service (FFS) metrics. In addition, the ValueTrak Scorecard includes a proven review and approval workflow to support and complement existing manufacturer payment approval processes.