GTIN Repository Service

This service, delivered by ValueCentric and The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), provides subscribers with a means to share and access critical product master data to prepare for approaching DSCSA deadlines.

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ValueCentric & HDA

The Repository Service is expected to launch in Q3 2017

ValueCentric has partnered with HDA to create a central GTIN1 database for prescription pharmaceutical products. Participants in this service will have around-the-clock access to a cloud-based portal for exchange of product master data between manufacturers and their trading partners to ensure efficient movement of product in the supply chain.

The approaching DSCSA deadlines mandate the presence of a GTIN labeling on all pharmaceutical products to improve the safety and efficiency of product movement through the supply chain. The GTIN identifies the product packaging level, and new GTIN identifiers will be created for any alterations in packaging.

The HDA’s mission is to develop and solicit full industry participation in a GTIN repository service, housing a complete, secure database of pharmaceutical product GTINs, and providing customer support for resolution of any and all issues.

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GTIN Repository FAQs

We are interested in learning more about the GTIN Repository Service. How can we receive full product specifications and pricing?

The recent announcement of the collaboration between HDA and ValueCentric to develop a GTIN Repository Service is just the beginning. We are currently in the process of developing, naming, and packaging the service. There will be further information available as the project moves forward. That information will be available on and as well as through other communications channels that inform supply chain stakeholders.

Those interested in being early adopters are especially welcome. Bill Henderson at ValueCentric is the primary point of contact. Reach him at moc.c1487557010irtne1487557010Ceula1487557010V@nos1487557010redne1487557010H.lli1487557010B1487557010

When will the service be available?

The service is targeted for release in the third quarter of 2017. HDA and ValueCentric intend to have pricing and subscription information available before then to be shared at upcoming industry events and through the inquiry process.

Will there be a cost to subscribe to the service?

There will be a one-time implementation fee (that includes setup and training) and an annual subscription fee to belong to the service for data providers (usually manufacturers), data users (distributors and other downstream trading partners) and their relevant service providers. The cost will be competitive and commensurate with a company’s volume of data provided or consumed.

Will this service be GDSN-compliant?

While the very first release of the service will not include GDSN integration, that capability is being strongly considered for future releases, based on the feedback from our member companies.

Why did HDA decide to develop its own repository rather than consider working with a supplier who had some commercially available features?

HDA carefully considered many options before deciding to co-develop its own service. The traceability implementation timeline mandated under DSCSA has several milestones that would be difficult to meet without industry being able to access and use complete and accurate master data. A primary focus of the service is to efficiently develop and deliver a solution to support the DSCSA requirements of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Additionally, there are necessary services we need that are not part of currently existing products. These involve real-time data customer service error resolution and the prospect of future buildouts of services, with needs very specific to the DSCSA.

As announced, is this service simply going to be a look-up repository for GTIN numbers?

It will be much more. The service will integrate a problem-resolution, customer support workflow as a basic function. DSCSA legislates that no product can be received without a completed data transaction being processed prior to or at the time of reciept. Input from our members in the distribution community pointed out that, should unidentifiable product arrive on a loading dock, it is not enough to simply register the mismatch. Instead, the service will be designed to reach out to the party responsible for the data in the repository, to correct the error, and to communicate the correction to all other participants so that they do not encounter the same problem.

What is the future direction of this service?

With a committee of our members, representing both large and mid-size wholesalers and drug manufacturers, we are developing a vision of this service for the future that will incorporate additional features that have been on our planning slate. Expect a statement of direction from us along with the product’s detailed announcement.

[1] GTIN is a registered trademark of GS1